You’re over someone when you stop looking at their social media accounts.

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All you need is a twenty in your pocket and a bus ticket. All you need is someone on the other end of the map, thinking about the supple curves of your body, to guide you to a home that stretches out for miles and miles on end. Here’s What Our Parents Never Taught Us,” Shinji Moon  (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

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you really a bitch if you let the microwave hit zeros while your family is asleep you disrespectful bitch

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  • Teacher: How much is a gram?
  • Me: Shit, Depends on what you want..
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i :) am :) so :) stressed :) about :) everything :) all :) the :) time :)

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I wasn’t bullied in high school, I was just ignored Gerard Way (via indieveins)

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